Forge Documentation


This documentation is deprecated, and only kept here to support users of browser extension APIs. If you are using for iOS or Android, see

Get Started

Set up your environment

Start by reading Getting Started with Forge to setup your environment to interact with our cloud build service.

Then, depending on which platforms you're planning to target, to build a 'Hello World' app, you'll want to cover:

Run through a tutorial

We have tutorials for mobile and browser add-ons. If you run into trouble understanding how to use the provided Forge APIs, read about Using API methods

Refer to relevant recipes and API modules

Check out the full list of our API Modules for mobile, web and browser add-ons.

Using our own demo apps and learnings from our mobile customers over the past 6 months, we've compiled a list of recipes and best practices which may help you get started with building your own app.