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This documentation is deprecated, and only kept here to support users of browser extension APIs. If you are using for iOS or Android, see

document: Document utility functions

Internet Explorer features a number of inconsistencies with some common document operations, these methods allow you to work around these problems in a platform-independent manner.



Platforms: Browser Only


Internet Explorer's implementation of document.reload() only refreshes the static content of a page. This method will reload a page and force all scripts to be re-evaluated as well.


Platforms: All

document.location(success, error)
  • success (function(location)) -- callback to be invoked when no errors occurs
  • error (function(content)) -- called with details of any error which may occur

Internet Explorer versions 9 and later aborts page loading with a permission denied message if the document location is accessed from within an iframe. This function provides a workaround which functions correctly under all browsers.

Error object properties:
  • statusCode: Status code returned from the server.
  • content: Content returned from the server (if available).


forge.document.location(function(location) {
  }, function(error) {
    alert('Failed to get document location: '+error.message);