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This documentation is deprecated, and only kept here to support users of browser extension APIs. If you are using for iOS or Android, see

launchimage: Launch images

The launchimage module displays an image while your app is loading.

By default, the launch image is hidden automatically when the window load event fires - this gives your JavaScript some time to initialise itself, set up native topbars and tabbars for example.

However, if you want full control over hiding the launch image yourself, set hide-manually to true (see below).


Images to be displayed during launch as required on iOS, for further details see the Apple documentation.

On Android the image will be displayed centered while the first page is loading: as Android device sizes vary a pixel perfect loading image cannot be used. The image will be proportionally scaled down to fit the screen if necessary. The solid color to use behind this launch image can be configured with the background-color configuration directive seen below.

All 7 iOS images must be defined for any to be included in iOS builds. Both Android images must be defined for Android builds.

Properties and image sizes are:

  • iphone: 320x480px
  • iphone-retina: 640x960px
  • iphone-retina4: 640x1136px - for the iPhone 5's four inch screen
  • ipad: 768x1004px
  • ipad-landscape: 1024x748px
  • ipad-retina: 1536x2008px
  • ipad-landscape-retina: 2048x1496px
  • android
  • android-landscape
    "modules": {
        "launchimage": {
            "iphone": "iphone.png",
            "iphone-retina": "iphone-retina.png",
            "iphone-retina4": "iphone-retina4.png",
            "ipad": "ipad.png",
            "ipad-landscape": "ipad-landscape.png",
            "ipad-retina": "ipad-retina.png",
            "ipad-landscape-retina": "ipad-landscape-retina.png",
            "android": "android.png",
            "android-landscape": "android-landscape.png",
            "hide-manually": true,
            "background-color": "#000000"



Platforms: Mobile

launchimage.hide(success, error)
  • success (function(content)) -- called after the launch image has been hidden
  • error (function(content)) -- called with details of any error which may occur

If you want to manually hide the launch image yourself, use this API.

You will probably also want to specify hide-manually in your launchimage module configuration.