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This documentation is deprecated, and only kept here to support users of browser extension APIs. If you are using for iOS or Android, see

package_names: Built package names

This controls the package name used internally when building your app; if you don't set this manually, we'll generate a package name automatically for you, which looks something like io.trigger.forge7faf8ebcb8a111e1910212313d1adcbe.

Although your users aren't really going to see this value, it can be useful to be able to control it manually, for example when updating a previous app that wasn't built on Forge, or if you already have iOS provisioning profiles which don't match our generated ID.


package_names should be an object mapping a target name onto a package name, e.g.:

"android": "com.example.my_app_name",
"ios": ""

Currently, only android and ios are supported.

    "modules": {
        "package_names": {
            "android": "",
            "ios": ""